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Does Alli Work? Read Below To Know More About It

Generically named as Orlistat, Alli is a weight loss prescription pill, first ever to be approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of the United States of America for selling over-the-counter. It is a prescription medication to treat obesity.
alliHow does Alli work?

One of the myths associated with Alli is that it is boosts your metabolism or suppresses your appetite. However, in actuality, the pills work to prevent or limit the absorption of at least one quarter of the fat intake. If used as per guidance and in accordance with the prescribed diet plan, you can be assured of losing weight by at least fifty percent.

Following are some of the elementary steps involved in the working of Alli:

  • Every time you intake fat, it is broken up by Alli ingredients.
  • While fifty percent of the ingested fat is absorbed, the other part is naturally excreted out of the body.
  • This less intake of fat automatically implies less absorption of calories by the body.
  • The Alli ingredients also work by disabling Lipase, an enzyme found in the digestive track of the body for breaking down fat.
  • Once Lipase is disabled, no fat is broken down for being used up in the body or for storage.
  • Hence, no fat or calories are absorbed.alli

Use or Dosage

It is recommended to take Alli up to three times in a day, alongwith the fat containing meals. However, it is also recommended to avoid fat intake of more than fifteen grams in a single meal. Any consumption of excess amount of fat alongwith Alli could result in side-effects of Alli ingredients.

If Alli is used correctly and regularly, as per directions, then you can be assured of a weight loss double of what you would otherwise lose if done by diet and exercise alone. Having said that, one must not forget that the weight loss results of Alli cannot be generalized since, this would largely depend upon the person’s body and diet routine. Further, a particular user’s body may not react to Alli in the same manner as of another user’s body.


One must always keep the following points in mind while consuming Alli for weight reduction:

  • The fat which is not absorbed by the body is excreted by the means of stool. Hence, one must not intake excessive fat so as to avoid undue fatty stools all the time.
  • There are some ingredients of Alli which may obstruct absorption of vitamins by your body as well. Hence, you must concentrate on taking vitamins well before or after meals, so as to avoid such a scenario.
  • People suffering diabetes and thyroid are generally advised against intake of Alli. Even those who have recently undergone an organ transplant surgery or are under severe medication are advised against intake of Alli.

It must not be used by people below the age group of 18 years and should, generally, be used or taken by prior consultation with your local medical practitioner.

All That You Want To Know About Phentermine?

Phentermine is one of the few weight loss drugs approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is, however, usually prescribed for patients suffering from serious obesity. It is also a suggested and advisable medical prescription for those people who have tried and tested diet and exercise and suffered from failure in that context. Further, it is also advisable to do a comprehensive research into the ingredients and features of Phentermine before prescribing to it or even suggesting it to a third person.


Phentermine fulfills the desire result of weight loss by acting as a tool for suppressing appetite. Phentermine HCL is the most active ingredient of Phentermine pill. It is a water soluble substance which is colorless and odorless. There are also several other chemicals in the Phentermine pill, which are however, considered to be inactive ingredients. Certain other ingredients such as – titanium dioxide, corn starch and gelatin act as fillers and contribute to the process of absorption of fats.



Following are certain directives which one must follow while taking the dosage of Phentermine:

  • First and foremost, you must not intake the Phentermine pill without consulting with yoru doctor.
  • Follow the dosage exactly as instructed by the doctor without increasing or decreasing the quantum without prior consultation.
  • There are certain types of the Phentermine pill which should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Always remember to let the pill dissolve into your mouth without swallowing it immediately.

Possible Side Effects

Irregular or unauthorized intake of Phentermine can stimulate certain side effects. Patients are often advised against drinking alcohol during the dosage period of Phentermine, since alcohol is known to aggravate the negative side effects of Phentermine. Some of the side effects may include:

  • In case of any allergic reactions like swelling on the face or lips and tongue or any difficulty in breathing, refer to your local medical practitioner at the earliest.
  • Certain other side effects of Phentermine may include – headache, dizziness, feeling restless, insomnia problem, dryness around the mouth, diarrhea or upset stomach.
  • Impairment in thinking or prompt reactions.


Below mentioned are certain critical aspects of Phentermine which one must keep in mind while considering intake of this pill:

  • Pregnant women are strictly advised against taking Phentermine for weight loss, since the same may harm the growth of the unborn child.
  • It is also advisable to consult your local dietitian or medical practitioner before taking a Phentermine pill along with any existing diet medication.
  • As already mentioned above, refrain from drinking alcohol during the dosage period of Phentermine, since this may instigate certain side effects mentioned above.
  • Intake of Phentermine is only a part of the entire weight loss program which may involve diet and exercise. Simple intake of Phentermine without regularly following the prescribed diet and exercises would not produce the desired results.
  • Refrain from sudden withdrawal of the intake of Phentermine without prior consultation with your medical practitioner, since this may produce unwanted side effects.

This is deemed to be an effective weight loss supplement but must be administered only after consulting physician to avoid any side effects.

Three Diet Pills To Stay Away From

alliSpring is coming soon and many women across the country would want to get into their best spring and summer clothing in order to look their best. And what better way to lose those unwanted extra pounds than resort to diet pills. A lot of people view diet pills as a quick fix to the problem of being overweight. And what’s disturbing is the fact that many people think of this as an absolutely safe option to use.

However, recently FDA has issued a list of 28 diet pills that have been known to have very serious side effects on the body. It could land users in the emergency room sooner than they think with very harmful and long lasting ill effects. The problem with these banned drugs is the kind of ingredients that are added in the pills. Most of them suppress appetite of people and some are even suspected to contain carcinogens.

Most of these banned diet pills contain “sibutramine”, which is a very strong component that suppresses appetite and is of the same family of chemicals as amphetamines. Amphetamines can cause heart palpitations, strokes, heart attacks and other such serious problems. Some pills even contain phenolphthalein, which has been used for a long time as a laxative and is now off the shelves due to proven risk of cancer associated with it.


We bring to you information regarding three such diet pills you should absolutely stay away from:

  • 8 Factor Diet: One of the pills banned is the 8 Factor Diet that contains both sibutramine and phenolphthalein, which are dangerous substances. These ingredients although have had positive results when it came to weight loss but, they have very risky side effects which include cancer, heart attack and can even result in death. There are many risks associated with the product even though it is sold as a prescription drug.
  • ProSlim Plus: The FDA has deemed ProSlim Plus as a drug unfit for weight loss solutions. The pill has a number of ingredients that have been proved to be harmful substances and they have been added without FDA approval in the pill. This diet pill also contains sibutramine, which is a very harmful appetite suppressant. You can no longer find ProSlim Plus online but be wary of this product in drugstores too. Users have reported internal bleeding, shortness of breath and sudden increase in blood pressure after using the pill.
  • Slim Express 360: FDA has found many ingredients in this pill, which have been banned and have been used without approval. Although this product claims to be 100% natural made of naturally available ingredients, it contains harmful substances. This product might still be available online so be sure to stay off it.

Remember that the healthiest way to lose weight is to eat right and combine it with the right kind of exercise. No crash diets, diet pills or health supplements can provide you the kind of results that are healthy and that will remain effective for a long period of time.

Things You Should Know About Alli Weight Loss Pill

alliDiet pills and health supplements are available out there in umpteen quantities and in a ton of varieties. There are so many different kinds of pills and supplements that one can often be left wondering, which one will provide best results. And of course the dilemmas of choosing diet pills or going through a strict diet regime like the South Beach diet or the Atkins diet. We bring to you some facts and information about the often-heard Alli Diet Pill. Read on to understand more about this pill and if this is the best option for your weight problems.

So What Exactly is Alli?

Alli, which is pronounced as Al-eye, is a less powerful variant of Orlistat or Xenical, which are nothing but prescription drugs meant to counter the problem of obesity. It is a 60mg version of the otherwise ordinarily available 120mg prescription version. Alli is available over-the-counter and it is known to be first time FDA has approved such a drug. Alli price is between $1.50 and $2 for every day’s dosage of 3 pills. Therefore, the monthly expenditure would be somewhere between $50 to $60. You can easily buy these pills in any supermarket, drug store or even order it online.


How Does Alli Function?

Alli is at best described as a fat blocker. All it does is to block unhealthy fats in your food to enter your body. The vital ingredient in the pill latches itself on to the digestive enzyme Lipase that would break down the fat in the food you consume which is absorbed by the body in order to store energy. Because Alli has attached itself to the digestive enzymes, they don’t break down up to 25% of the fat that the food eaten by you contains.

You should also remember that since Alli is primarily a fat blocking agent, it would help lose weight only if your food intake contains a considerable amount of fat. If you’re someone who eats a lot of protein or carbohydrates then Alli might not be the best way to help you lose weight. So just like any other method to lose weight, Alli should also be combined with consuming only the right amount of calories in a meal, being on a good exercise plan and limiting excessive fat in your food.

How Much Weight Can I Expect To Lose?

Let us now address the next big question is what kind of results can be expected by being on the Alli diet pill. Most studies show that Alli combined with the right kind of diet and exercise can help lose about 50% more weight than they would’ve lost by dieting. Because this research compared Alli with just plain and simple dieting it is hard to say if the results came through Alli alone or with Alli and other factors like right diet and exercise. There have been a lot of conflicting studies involving Alli because some results show that users of Alli have lost only about 3 more kilograms as compared to those on a diet and exercise regime. If however, you’re on a lower dosage, the weight loss could be lesser even.

The Good And Bad Side of Alli

In this section, we bring to you some of the pros and cons of Alli as per many research studies that have been conducted.

  • Alli will definitely help you lose more weight than you would have with diet or exercise alone. Although the amount of weight you will end up losing will be quite small, it eventually does add up in the long run.
  • The manufacturers of Alli already provide disclaimers about the probable side effects of the pill. It does not carry side effects like insomnia, headaches or other irritating conditions. But if you do experience side effects because of Alli, they might end up being very embarrassing and might even affect your quality of life. Most of these are bowel related because of the mechanism of the pill. Because the pill blocks fat, it has to go out of your body in one form or the other. Therefore if you are on Alli, you might experience some of the following side effects:
    • Passage of gas with oily discharge. It is even recommended that you don’t pass gas unless you’re seated on the toilet
    • Loose and uncontrollable stools. It could be quite uncomfortable if you’re at work and on the pill if you experience this situation
    • Urinary and stool incontinence. You will experience sudden urgency to use the bathroom. Your bowel movements might become very tough to control
  • The price point at which Alli is priced is also well above average price at which other diet pills are available thereby making it one of the lesser preferred diet pill solutions. To counter this problem, users can take one pill before breakfast because this is the time when most amount of fat is consumed. During lunch and dinner, the amount of fat consumed is relatively less; therefore, it makes sense taking it during breakfast in order to save money.
  • Another disadvantage of Alli is that it prevents absorption of vitamins. Because a lot of fat-soluble vitamins are gone with the fat that isn’t absorbed by the body, you are short on Vitamins A, D, E, K and beta-carotene. This is a strong reason why you should take vitamin supplements along with Alli to get your daily dose of vitamins.


The Last Word

All said and done, a diet pill isn’t a long-term sustainable solution to obesity problems. No doubt, Alli can provide help with losing weight, a lasting weight loss solution involves eating the right kind of food, exercising well and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. Be sure to check with your doctor about any existing medical conditions that might interfere with Alli in the wrong way. Your doctor can understand your weight problems better and will be able to help you chalk out a good weight reduction plan. If your problem is quite extreme, you can ask your doctor for Alli and depending on the amount you can afford to spend, you can start taking Alli. If you find Alli too expensive there are many discount coupons available on the “Alli coupontab in various websites, which can be availed.

What Do You Know About Orlistat?

Orlistat is a generic drug prescribed for weight loss, approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States and is offered as an over-the-counter as well as a prescription drug. The over-the-counter Orlistat is commonly made available as Alli, whereas the prescription Orlistat is made available under the brand name Xenical.


Orlistat is administered as a weight loss drug since it facilitates obstruction of the mechanism whereby your body can absorb all the fat from your food. In other words, it interferes with the body mechanism of digestion and absorption of fats in your body, thereby reducing the calorie intake as well. The undigested and unabsorbed fat is automatically thrown out of your body by means of stools.

Instructions for Administering Orlistat

One can follow the following instructions during administration of Orlistat:


  1. Since the whole idea behind taking Orlistat is to control absorption of fats in your body, it would be beneficial, if at the outset itself, the intake of fats is reduced. One would need to start a well-balanced and a nutritious diet, which is extremely low on fat.
  2. An ideal dosage of Orlistat would consist of three times a day. It should either be taken orally with every meal or after approximately an hour of taking the meal.
  3. It is also advisable to skip a dosage of Orlistat if you skip a meal or if you have a meal which is fat free.
  4. A certain ingredient of Orlistat may intervene in the absorption of proteins by your body. Hence, it is advisable to feed on a multivitamin supplement each day, anytime two hours before or after taking a meal, in order to avoid developing a deficiency of vitamins.

Orlistat – Success Rate

At the outset, it must be remembered that mere administration of the drug Orlistat for weight loss would not produce the desired results. The idea is to take Orlistat and have it in conjunction with a complete diet and exercise plan. It has been proved through several studies and precedents that such a comprehensive diet plan and intake of Orlistat helps in releasing ten percent of the total body weight in mere six months.


However, one must remember that such a success rate can be ideally guaranteed only when you follow a nutritious and less fat diet alongwith regular exercising. This is also because Orlistat will only prevent approximately fifty percent of the fat that you intake from being absorbed your body. For the remaining and unwanted fat, it is important to exercise regularly.


  • The Orlistat drug is not meant for people below the age of eighteen years and must not be administered to them.
  • Pregnant ladies or breast-feeding mothers are also advised against intake of Orlistat.
  • If you are already under weight loss medication or any other medication for that matter, you must inform your local medical practitioner about the same before commencing intake of Orlistat.

In case of any side effects like diarrhea, fatty smelly stools or any allergy, consult your medical practitioner immediately.

How To Lose Weight Quickly?

alliThe question of how to lose weight in an effective and a quick way has been the biggest cause of a lot of scientists and researchers in the last few decades. The country as a whole has been battling the problem of obesity and weight loss for a long time now. Again, there are tons of solutions that can help you lose weight but what you should really be thinking of is how to make weight loss stick for a longer duration. It can be very tough to lose weight in particular regions of the body like the abdomen and the hips so whatever weight loss solution you choose, it should be something that will help you in the long run.

Here are some useful tips you can follow in order to lose weight fast and in a healthy way without disturbing the internal balance of your body:

  • Normally, if you exercise and burn 500 calories and eat a balanced diet, you should be able to lose around 1 or 2 pounds every week. If you want to lose weight faster than this, you should be sure to exercise a lot more and eat in limited quantities. What you should keep in mind is not to limit the amount of starch and salt because this will only result in loss of weight in the form of fluids and not fat.
  • Eat vegetables because they help in keeping you full and they don’t add to additional fat in your body. Be sure to drink generous quantities of water because this will help hydrate your system.
  • Do not eat unless you are hungry. Eating unnecessarily actually adds to excess weight in the body. A lot of times you might feel the need to eat because you’re bored. Do not fall into this habit. Eliminate all the unhealthy and junk foods from your kitchen. Make it a point to eat only healthy food.
  • Keep a journal in which you enter every single thing you eat. This helps track every single calorie which you intake. This will help in making sure you don’t overeat. If you’re not comfortable in keeping a written journal, there are a lot of online tools that help you track the amount of food you consume and the amount you exercise. You can also set weight goals and it will calibrate the amount of calories you should eat ideally consume.
  • Seek the advice of a doctor before you start off on any diet plan. A doctor will know your weight gain pattern and your body’s mechanism better to suggest the ideal kind of weight loss plan.
  • Include a good amount of cardio in your exercise plan. Cardio always helps in burning calories and fat in a very quick way. Extensive cardio is especially helpful for people with a lot of belly fat. However, don’t do too much too soon. Pace yourself in a healthy way so that you don’t have adverse effects on your body.alli

Crash diets and health supplements can be very tempting to adopt for quick results but these always come with side effects so be wary before you resort to these.

Alli v/s Xenical: Two Weight Loss Pills Compared

alliThis article is for all those who are confused whether to choose Alli or Xenical to lose weight effectively. The diet pill industry is a fast growing one in the United States and there are new pills coming out every now and then. Given the number of diet pills there are available in the market; it is hard to tell which one is the best. The problem of obesity continues to haunt many citizens alike and everyone is looking for a quick way to lose weight without going through too much trouble.

Here are both these weight loss solutions compared:

  • Talking about Alli and Xenical, both these are weight loss pills. The fundamental difference is that Alli is available without prescription while one needs a prescription from a doctor to obtain Xenical. Alli is easily available over the counter at any drugstore.
  • Both these pills function in a similar way by blocking fat absorption in the body. They contain an active ingredient that attaches itself to the fat digestive enzymes that would break down the fat. The difference however, is that Xenical contains 120mg dosage while Alli provides a person with 60mg dosage. Therefore, Alli is a milder version of Xenical.
  • If you want a way to figure out the difference between the two pills by taking one look at them, Xenical is dark blue in color while Alli is light blue. The Xenical pills have the words “Xenical 120” written on the top part of the capsule and “Roche” on the bottom part. Alli pills however have the word “Orlistat” written on the top half and “60” written on the bottom half of the pill.
  • The dosage instructions of both these pills are also slightly different. Alli pills are meant to be taken three times every day. Each of these pills is taken before every meal of the day. On the other hand, for Xenical, the dosages are different. Doctors usually weigh factors like the patient’s medical history and any existing conditions that could interfere with the effects of the drug. Users who are below 18 are not eligible to buy Alli. It is a drug approved for people above this age. Xenical can actually be used by children of the age 12 even if the doctor deems it right for the child’s condition.
  • Both Alli and Xenical have similar side effects on people who it isn’t suited for. Users of both these drugs have complained of diarrhea, bowel incontinence, stomach trouble and oily discharge when passing gas.


There are some general considerations that one needs to be aware of before taking either Alli or Xenical. The user should be sure to be on a low-fat diet with a daily fat consumption of less than 15g per meal in order to prevent any gross side effects. Also, in case a user notices even slight discomfort while taking either Alli or Xenical, he or she should seek immediate medical advice to prevent further damage to the body.